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Letters From The Sky on The Originals Tonight!

TONIGHT: Don’t miss The Originals on CW (8pm ET/7pm CT)! Our song “Letters From The Sky” will be featured in tonight’s episode.

Pick up our self-titled album featuring the song here: http://bit.ly/1wchpCq

Our Song in the CW’s Arrow

Our song “The Courage or The Fall” was featured in last week’s episode of the CW’s show Arrow. We’re giving away a free download of the song – check it out!

Letters from the Sky

Our song “Letters from the Sky” is being featured in this new trailer for film “Left Behind”


“The Courage or the Fall” is a song we originally wrote for Iron Man 3, but in the end it never was used in the movie. It was recently used in a show called Pretty Little Liars, and after that we got a lot of requests to release it. We decided, instead of selling it, we’d give it away as a thank you to our fans. We actually recorded the song in Andrew’s living room in Nashville on a day off in early summer. Kevin mixed it and you listened to it. Hope you enjoy!

- Civil Twilight